Our services include design development, technical documentation, sourcing, flexible production and logistics.

Wood turning

We can turn parts made of Oak, Ash, Walnut, Beech, Core Beech, Maple, Birch.

Metal Plating

We can cast objects in brass, copper and chrome.

Wood carpentry

We create objects made of Oak, Ash, Walnut, Beech, Core Beech, Maple, Birch.


We create veneered objects in Oak, Ash, Walnut, Beech, Core Beech, Maple, Birch and other wood species available on the market.

CNC works

We work with 3 and 5 axis CNC machines forming objects in wood, plywood, MDF, cork, hard foam and other materials.


We weld black steel and stainless steel profiles

Glass blowing

We work with glass mouth blown into customized shapes.


We work with bending of wood and plywood.


We work with enameling of metal objects.

Metal Polishing

We work with polishing of black steel, aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel.

CNC glass cutting

We work with CNC glass cutting and polishing.


We work with upholstery of sofas, chairs, beds and pillows.


We work with plastic objects made in rotomolding production technique.

Metal turning

We work with turning of black steel, aluminum, brass and copper.

Foam molding

We work with molding foam into organic shapes.

Iron Casting

We work with grey and spheroidal iron casting. We produce professional molds and tools required to achieve good quality in casting process.

Aluminum casting

We work with objects made in casted aluminum then brushed and lacquered or powder coated in selected RAL color.

Metal sheet bending

We work with different thickness of black steel sheets bended to form an object, then powder coated in selected RAL color.

Fabric sewing

We work with sewing textiles & leather to create throws, scarfs, pillows, covers, bags,

Laser cutting in metal

We work with precise laser cutting of metal objects.

Terracotta forming

We work with natural terracotta small objects, raw or glazed.


We work with crocheting technique to to make baskets, poufs or small rugs.


We work with quilting technique to make bed covers and other home textiles

Weaving & Knitting

We work with weaving and knitting techniques to manufacture throws and rugs.

Hand Tufting

We work with hand tufting technique to create rugs

Hand Knotting

We work with hand knotting technique to create rugs

Hand Weaving

We work with hand weaving technique to create rugs

Leather sewing

We work with leather sewing to create belts for furniture, accessories and panels.

Fiberglass forming

We work with forming fiberglass organic shapes for home and industrial use.

Carbon fiber forming

We work with forming organic shapes in carbon fiber

Laser cutting big objects in metal

We work with big objects in steel, stainless steel, brass and copper where we can laser cut forms according to project

Printing on wood

We work with printing logos on wooden surfaces

Lighting armatures

We design and manufacture lighting armatures